KIWEE Fisherman Backpack - Yellow

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KIWEE Fisherman Backpack benefits:

1. UNIQUE DESIGN : The backpack can be opened 180 degrees for an easy overview, which makes the bag clear and easy to sort your belongings in.

2. GOOD ORGANIZATION : It has two removable inner bags (which can, for example, be used as laundry bags). The six internal pockets make it easy to organize and keep track of the different things in the bag.

3. ALL KIND OF WEATHER : The product is made of Recycled pre-consumer leather that is waterproof. That way, your belongings are well protected. Even the zipper has been taken into account, so that it is also protected against all kinds of wind and weather.

4. Versatile : It is perfect for everyday use. As a school bag or for work. Regardless, the backpack is perfect when you're on the move and at the same time elegant - also for e.g. a short business trip.

Product information

Material: Recycled pre-consumer leather

Colour : Mineral grey

Size : 41cm*27cm*12cm

Weight : 1400g

Pre-order: Please note there is a waiting time of approx. 4-5 weeks.