About Naturam

Naturam was born in the spring of 2020 on the basis of the love for beautiful and natural sustainable bags, jewelry and delicious home interiors.

In addition, it has been a common wish of ours that the products should be environmentally friendly and sustainable design products at favorable prices.

The Tibetan soaps have a very special place in our hearts. They have sprung from a support project - SuperTibet for Tibetan farmers who pick the wild herbs that are ingredients in the soaps. Together with the fat yak milk, which is full of proteins, vitamins and calcium, it gives a mild and delicious Tibetan soap that also decorates your home. More importantly, you're supporting a good cause :-)

SuperTibet ice stones are made of natural materials. And they can be used instead of ice cubes. They are far more sustainable and gentler on the environment than plastic ice bags. And at the same time, the ice cubes are also much faster to cool down, and keep the temperature low longer than other similar products on the market.

KIWEE's square backpacks in waterproof microfiber keep your things dry even when it rains. The Fisherman Backpack, together with the yellow tote bag, which is also in waterproof microfiber, our particular favorites when it comes to bags.

The SEA and Grace collections from Naturam Designs are all produced from natural pearls or stones with 925 sterling silver.

Last but not least, the practical gray cooler bag is made of BPA-free aluminum and the outer material is fabric, instead of plastic, which most other cooler bags are made of.

We look forward to welcoming you into our sustainable universe with ideas for good gifts, for yourself and others, from exciting local producers who produce goods from sustainable and natural materials.