What is sustainable shopping and how do you shop sustainably?

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What is sustainable shopping and how do you shop sustainably?

If you would like to start shopping more sustainably, there are fortunately many things you can do. Sustainability is something that is on everyone's lips. However, it can feel like a bit of a jungle because there are so many options – and are they all equally good for the environment? It can be difficult. But here we have created an easy guide to how you can shop more sustainably, regardless of what you are lacking.

Change your buying habits

Unfortunately, overconsumption is one of the major climate culprits. We all want the latest of the latest. However, it can be a really good idea to think about it one more time. Consider whether you really need a new blouse when you're already 10, or whether you really need a new phone when the one you already have seems pretty good. We're not saying you shouldn't buy anything new, but it might be a good idea to change your buying habits a bit to save the environment.

Shop at thrift stores

Recycling has become one of the big trends, and it's easy to see why. Shopping in thrift stores is both better for the environment, and vintage has also become wildly modern. Shopping second-hand can give your home or wardrobe a completely personal touch, and you will definitely get unique items that no one else has. That in itself is a huge bonus! Who wants to look like everyone else?

There are many different types of recycling shops where you can shop and find different things, e.g. furniture and clothing. What they all have in common, however, is that they sell things that have been used and that can be used again and again. In this way, the environment is saved from unnecessary CO2 emissions, as resources do not have to be used for the production of new products. It's a pure win-win!

Shop at brands that use recycled materials

If you can't find what you need in a thrift store, but you still prefer that unnecessary resources are not wasted on new production, you can also choose to shop at brands that make their products from recycled materials. There are countless such brands today, so no matter what product you lack in your everyday life, there is a good chance that you can find it made from recycled materials. This can be everything from clothes, sunglasses to iPhone cases. There are no limits to what products you can find online that are made from recycled materials.

There are different ways in which brands use recycled materials in their production. At Naturam, we sell designer bags and rucksacks from the brand KIWEE, which support free movement and life on the move. The absolutely amazing thing about KIWEE's bags (besides having great designs) is that they are made with the recycled material R-PET, which means they are made with recycled plastic bottles, such as soda bottles.

You can check out KIWEE here: https://naturam.dk/collections/kiwee